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Beautification Committee
Many things make our community such a wonderful place to live, including its unique setting and the care that’s given to preserving and enhancing everyone’s enjoyment of shared property. The Giants Neck Beach Association Beautification Committee plays a major role in this effort by accomplishing its mission to “make the Giants Neck Beach Association grounds more attractive for the benefit of all members.”
Over the years, several projects have been made possible by the volunteer members of this Committee, including:
• Establishing and maintaining the Memorial Garden at the corner of Giants Neck Road and Lake Shore Drive, including a connection to the water system to water the plants
• Providing benches around the community
• Maintaining the plantings around the Helen Lena Clubhouse
• Planting the flower boxes on the Pump Road pump house
• Construction of the stone wall around the Giants Neck entrance sign, and planting the shrubs and flowers.

Rules & Regulations
Memorial/Garden Fund
Funding for many of the Beautification Committee’s efforts have been accomplished through monetary donations made by generous residents. Contributions are welcomed at any time and can be designated, 1) for the general grounds, or 2) in memory of a deceased family member or friend.
In Memoriam
Each in memoriam donation is acknowledged, includes the name of the donor, and is mailed to the donor and to the family of the deceased. The names of all persons to be remembered are entered on an engraved plaque in the Helen Lena Clubhouse.

Please help the Beautification Committee carry out its mission by making a donation. Your walks and rides around Giants Neck will be even more special knowing that you have contributed to the enhancement of the surroundings.

Checks can be made payable to “Giants Neck Beach Memorial Fund” and mailed to  Madeleine Makiaris, 32 South Lee Road, Niantic, CT 06357.

Beautification Committee
Carol Anthony
Helena Corona 
Tina Bettera 
Bonnie Henninger
Madeleine Makiaris
Joan Malone
Kim Spano - Chair
Pandy Wohler

Along with “drafted” members who provide assistance:
Angelo Bettera
Rich Corona
John Makiaris
John Wohler

Beautification Meetings Agendas/Minutes
Minutes 7-15-22
Agenda 7-15-22

Minutes 6-1-19
Agenda 6-1-19

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