Zoning Board of Appeals Members



Mark Kulos, Chair ’17-‘20
860-887-1741 mkulos@snet.net
Trip Hartigan ’16-’19
Glory Lena ’15-’18
Tran Lin ’17-‘20
John Wohler ’17-’20
Terra Moore (alt) ’16-’19
Ray Volpe (alt) ’17-’20
Fran Wesoly (alt) ’16-’19

Zoning Commission

Gerry Van Noordennen, Chair 860-462-9707 vannoordennen@sbcglobal.net 
Tom Fox
Jim Horton
Jim LaFond
Jeff Scull
Ken Hotarek (alt)
Rich Corona (alt)


The Giants Neck Beach Association has existed since 1941, to provide for the improvements of the lands in said territory and for the health, comfort, protection and convenience of the inhabitants thereof.  

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